LBPC Episode 68: The Musical Play in new window | DownloadTuesday 11th September 2018 In Today’s Show We talk to Ryan Hart about an immersive theater show that combines larp and...

LBPC Episode 67: Dragon Thrones!


We talk to Evan from the Game Theatre team

We talk about BOB and the perils of running an event

We also let you know where we are going to be soon

Colony Wars

LBPC Episode 65: Luke’s Bell End Play in new window | Download“Are you looking for top quality larping gear? Then look no further than larpinn, Larp Inn is one of the UK’s...

LBPC Episode 64: All Moxy all the time Play in new window | DownloadEpisode 64 May 9th 2018 Are you looking for top quality larping gear? Then look no further than larpinn, Larp Inn is one of the...

LARPBook Episode 61: Tooth Out

We visited “What’s Your Game”
World’s Most Hardcore Larpers!
Roleplaying club buys property in New Lisbon
Points for show