Welcome to LARPBook Media. I’m just going to take a moment to describe how this fits into the LARPBook World.

Our home site is larpbook.com . It’s purpose is to explore and support the larp hobby. It does this by being a collection of articles and support pages.  We also have the LARPBook show. This started as an experiment in putting a podcast together. It has now evolved into a regular monthly show and an increasing number of interviews and spin off videos.

We realised that this was becoming unwieldy to access via a podcast distribution website and we were in danger of not having a single cohesive home for podcasts and videos.

One solution to this problem was to just use larpbook.com. However what we actually wanted was a place to explore and enjoy shows.

So LARPBook Media was born. LARPBook.com will always help you find shows on larpbook media. But if you really want to explore our videos and audio recordings then this is the place to go.