Episode 64 May 9th 2018

Are you looking for top quality larping gear? Then look no further than larpinn, Larp Inn is one of the UK’s largest online shops for the Live Action Roleplaying hobby. their Telford based warehouse ships Larp Costume, Larp Armour, Larp Weapons and Larp Accessories all over the UK and abroad. They also operate a showroom where you can drop by and pick up an order, try out a costume or feel the weight of a new larp weapon they also frequently trade at events, so go and take a look at what they have to offer over at
www.larpinn.co.uk and say that LARPBook sent you!


Curious Pastimes
Pitates yarrrrr

Curious Pastimes the Gaelic one
Brixham Pirate Festival
Brotherhood of the black (BOB)

Green Cloaks Event 1
May 11, Friday – May 13, Sunday
Broadstone Warren Scout Camp and Activity Centre
Convergence Wyverns Tales – annual big event
May 25, Friday – May 27, Sunday
Huntley Wood, Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent


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